“Anti-Aging”…We have all heard the term, and it can mean different things to each of us. Let’s face the truth – we all age, and at some point we have all wished the lines didn’t come with the wisdom. Our goal at Skin Dimenisons is to provide you the tools and products for beautiful skin spanning the decades from your teens to your golden years. Let us help you with a personalized regimen that best fits where you are in the aging spectrum.

Reduce Chin Fat

Kybella is the first and only FDA Approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of moderate fat beneath the chin by physically destroying the fat cells.

Fat beneath the chin can impact a broad range of both male and female adults. Some possible causes are genetics, weight gain, and aging. According to American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, 67% of people said they are bothered by the fat beneath their chin.

Once Kybella destroys the fat cells, they cannot store or accumulate fat. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Fat cleared from the treatment area is processed through your body’s natural metabolism.


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Uncover a Fresher Face

This chemical-free exfoliation technique uses a scalpel to shave away the outermost layer of the epidermis, planing off dead cells and oils and uncovering your smoothest complexion. Dermaplaning removes vellus hair on the face that can lead to to a buildup of excess dirt and oils, gently brightens the complexion by shedding dead cells, allows makeup to glide on more smoothly and evenly and is the perfect post peel enhancement.


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Induce Collagen and Elastin Production

Stimulate your skin to improve itself by inducing naturally occurring collagen and elastin. Microneedling is a treatment during which a high-speed automated needle delivers controlled and precise micro-injuries to the skin. The process helps repair scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, skin laxity and overall appearance.

Microneedling is ideal for creating micro-channels for deeper penetration of topicals and serums and is the ideal preparation before a facial peel. No heat is involved, making the treatment safe and comfortable with minimal downtime.