Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

It’s a new year and it’s time to take care of YOU! We want to give you access to what you need to start this new year off right. Plus with the cold, dry weather our skin needs extra attention. Here are our winter essentials.

Skin Dimensions Infuse Oil– Artisan oils act as anti-inflammatory and help condition and heal. Give your skin a healthy glow!

Guniot Creme Hydra Summum– Intense hydration to fight the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and dull skin. Give your skin a drink with Guinot’s ultimate cream for Hydration.

Skin Dimensions Citrus Enzyme Cleanser– Gently remove dirt and toxins while providing daily exfoliations with fruit enzymes and surfactants. Enjoy the delicious citrus scent while helping keep the winter flakes away.  

Guniot Hydra Beaute Mask– Hydrate and stimulate with this beautifying mask. Treat your skin to lasting hydration while alleviating fatigue and fine lines.

Skin Dimensions Protective Hand Cream-Shields moisture, relieves itchiness, and soothes dry chapped hands. Provide protection from harsh winter elements with this waterproof formula.

Skin Dimensions Buff Cranberry Enzyme MaskGently exfoliates dead skin cells. Perfect for removing winter flaky skin.

Sonoma Spa Mask– Place over forehead and eye for deep relaxation. Perfect for sinus headache relief.

We’ve figured out how to make a good thing last even longer…

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Retinol Time Released Serum

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